The books shown here are a selection from a body of work that was created over a four year period. When fully unfolded, their size is 6 inches by 40 inches. There are about twenty five of these books, a few of which I gave away as gifts.

Inspiration for many of the forms in these books came from Vedanta scripture, and the temples, plants, birds and animals in South India. I was particularly effected by the ancient Kannappa temple, set a little ways back in the forest off the Girivalam Road in Tiruvannamalai. I spent many hours sitting on those sacred stones, understanding that everything I could see, hear and sense around me was made out of knowledge. The story goes:

"Tinna noticed that one of the eyes of the Shiva linga was oozing blood and tears. Sensing that Lord Sri Bhalanetra's eye had been injured, Dheera proceeded to pluck his one eye out with one of his arrows and placed it in the spot of the bleeding eye of the Shiva linga. This stopped the bleeding in that eye of the linga. But to complicate matters further, he noticed that the other eye of the linga has also started oozing blood. So Tinna thought that if he were to pluck his other eye too, he would become blind to exactly know the spot where he has to place his own second eye over the bleeding second eye of the lingam. So he placed his great toe on the linga to mark the spot of the bleeding second eye and proceeded to pluck out his other and only eye. Moved by his extreme devotion, Lord Sri Priyabhakta appeared before Dinna and restored both his eyes. He made Dinna as one of the Nayanmars and he was called as Kannappan or Kannappa Nayanar."

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