The work in this website is drawn from a several bodies of work completed over a span of about 20 years, the most recent work being from the past two to three years during which time I was mostly living out of a suitcase. I have a portable easel that fits in my travel bag.

All of the works are about my inner life: solitude, conflict and resolution, peace, happiness. My Alma Mater is Emily Carr in Vancouver where I learned about color from Peter Aspell. Peter gave me very simple advice about color and I thought he was nuts at the time, but it turns out that everything I needed to know about color came from his suggestion. Many years later in Boston, I studied life and cast drawing/painting with a graduate of the Gammell Studios.  The human figure is at the center of my work, but to be more precise, the human figure is nothing outside or separate because I am the subject and the figure appears, changes and disappears within me. I am very lucky to have the skills to be able to document it.

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